Unleash Your Child’s Creativity with Michaels Kids Crafts

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Discover Endless Possibilities for DIY Fun

As a parent, you want to nurture your child’s creativity and imagination. And what better way than through crafting! Michaels offers an incredible selection of arts and crafts kits and supplies for kids of all ages. From toddlers to teens, you can find everything you need to spark creativity and hands-on learning.

My name is Jamie and I’m a mom of three artistic kiddos. Over the years, we’ve tried just about every kids craft kit and project from Michaels. Through trial and error (and a lot of glitter spills!), we’ve learned how to choose the best supplies for each age and stage. In this blog, I’ll share our experiences and top tips for unlocking your child’s inner artisan with Michaels kids crafts.

Crafting for All Ages

One of the best things about Michaels is that they offer crafts for the littlest makers all the way up to seasoned teen artists. When my kids were toddlers, we started out with simple coloring books, washable markers, and Play-Doh. These open-ended materials allow young children to explore art concepts like color and shape while developing fine motor skills.

As preschoolers, my kids loved the Melissa & Doug craft kits with wooden animal puzzles, bead mazes, and reusable stickers. For ages 3-5, look for crafts that introduce new skills like cutting, tracing, folding, and gluing. Michaels carries branded kits that feature characters from popular cartoons and movies to spark their interest.

Once in elementary school, the world of crafting really opens up. Michaels has a huge variety of age-specific kids craft kits that teach skills like sculpting, painting, jewelry making, and more. They also have project-based STEAM and DIY kits that challenge older kids to design, build, and create.

The great thing is that many kits include templates, patterns, or instructions so kids can successfully complete the project with minimal supervision. Allowing them to follow directions, problem solve, and finish an entire craft boosts confidence and pride in their work.

Teens and tweens can dive into more complex crafts like beading, candle making, papercrafting, and fiber arts. Michaels Trend Central features on-trend DIY projects based on what’s hot in crafting and making for the older crowd. Give teens creative freedom to explore their interests and channel their inner artist.

Crafting on a Budget

Let’s be honest, kids craft supplies can get pricey. Especially when you have multiple kiddos with varied interests. At Michaels, prices for individual kits and supplies range from $1-$50+. I’ve found the best way to maximize your budget is to watch for sales, use coupons, and take advantage of loyalty programs.

Almost every week, Michaels offers discounts on select kids crafts. I try to time bigger purchases for sales events like 60-80% off all kids projects. Follow their social media or browse the weekly ad online to find deals.

You can also use regular coupons from the Michaels app to save on non-sale items. Some exclusions apply, but overall coupons give you extra savings on top of lower prices. Pro tip: wait to shop until you have a 20-40% off entire purchase coupon to score the deepest discount.

Joining the Michaels Rewards program also pays off for frequent crafters. Every purchase earns you points towards reward certificates for bigger discounts. They also send bonus coupons to members around holidays and during the year.

When it comes to supplies like paint, clay, glue etc., I like to buy the house brand which is typically cheaper. Go for variety packs so you have multiple colors and materials to work with. Refill cups of beads, pom poms, felt shapes and other small embellishments help reduce the cost per piece for avid young crafters.

Crafts with a Cause

As a parent, I love that Michaels offers kids crafts with an educational twist. From STEAM building sets to eco-friendly art supplies, kids can create while learning. Some of my favorite purposeful crafts from Michaels include:

  • Creativity for a Cause kits – kids make crafts that give back to worthy causes like protecting the environment, feeding the hungry, caring for animals, or cheering up others.
  • Melissa & Doug reusable sticker pads – the stickers cling to smooth surfaces temporarily so kids can use them again and again.
  • Crayola washable and dry erase markers – mess-free coloring that wipes off skin, walls, and reusable marker boards.
  • Nature and science kits like crystal growing, volcano building, and birdhouse making engage their curiosity.
  • DIY craft kits that repurpose materials like duct tape, coffee filters, plastic bottles etc. reduce waste.

I also love buying natural craft materials like cotton yarn, wood slices, real seashells, and bamboo skewers which have less environmental impact. Supporting kids’ creativity doesn’t have to come at the expense of the planet when you shop green.

Seasonal and Holiday Crafts Galore

One of our favorite things about Michaels is the amazing selection of holiday and seasonal crafts. No matter the occasion, they have tons of fun themed projects to choose from.

In the spring, we love making flower pots, bird feeders, and windsocks to celebrate the renewed nature outdoors. For summer fun, we craft sun catchers, bead keychains, and pool bag tags. When fall rolls around, it’s all about creating leaf rubbings, apple stamp prints, and pumpkin decor.

And no one does holiday crafts quite like Michaels! From homemade Valentines and St. Patrick’s Day hats to patriotic wreaths and Halloween costumes, the options are endless. Our Christmas crafting wishlist is a mile long with ornaments, elf dolls, canvas snowman paintings and so much more.

Themed kits and individual supplies make it easy to get everyone excited about the special days ahead. They often refresh their selection each season so we find new creative ways to commemorate holidays year after year.

Hosting Craft Parties for Kids

I’ve also used Michaels kids crafts when hosting parties for my children and their friends. Crafting is a fun activity that keeps a group of kiddos entertained for hours. It also offers a memorable experience and a DIY favor they can take home after.

For younger kids, I’ll set up stations around the house with different craft projects. Some popular picks are decorating picture frames with foam stickers, making beaded bracelets, or designing superhero masks with fabric scraps. We rotate through each activity so they get to sample everything.

For older kids and teens, I let them vote ahead of time on their favorite craft then purchase kits for that project. DIY bath bombs, canvas tote painting, and cookie decorating tend to top their wishlists! Michaels makes it easy to grab party packs of supplies needed for the chosen craft.

Pro tips: cover tables with kraft paper, set out smocks or oversized t-shirts to wear over clothes, and display finished projects on a piece of string or clothesline. Kids love being able to show off their handiwork at pickup!

Perfect Supplies for Every Project

After countless trips to Michaels pursuing new creative projects, I’ve become well-acquainted with their top kids crafting supplies. Here are some of my must-have art materials for unleashing children’s creativity:

  • Crayola art supplies – their crayons, markers, and modeling clay are staples for kid-friendly crafting.
  • Safety scissors – invest in a few pairs of blunt kids scissors for precision cutting.
  • Washable glue and glue sticks – great for little hands and easy clean-up of sticky messes.
  • Liquid watercolors or tempera paint – develop painting skills without the permanence of acrylics.
  • Colorful pom poms, googly eyes, felt shapes – whimsical embellishments for decorating DIY projects.
  • Clothespins and popsicle sticks – useful for building, sculpting, or displaying finished pieces.
  • Yarn, feathers, buttons – open-ended materials to stitch, thread, and design.
  • Stencils, stamps, stickers – easy tools for adding patterns, images, and designs.

With these basics, you’re ready to get creative on hundreds of arts and crafts adventures. Browse the aisles at Michaels for inspiration to spark new ideas and projects.

Helpful Hints for Happy Crafting

After trial and error navigating kids crafts for many years, I’ve learned a few helpful hints for keeping projects fun and manageable:

  • Start young and set up a “creativity station” with open storage and kid-friendly tools.
  • Rotate materials to keep it fresh and rekindle interest in supplies.
  • Introduce new skills slowly over time, allowing them to master one before moving on.
  • Let go of perfection! Praise efforts and allow work to reflect their age and self-expression.
  • Involve kids in planning and choosing projects to increase engagement.
  • Prep materials and workspace ahead of time for easy setup and cleanup.
  • Use washable adhesives and cover surfaces to minimize damage and stains.
  • Allow creativity to get messy but set expectations for cleaning up together afterwards.
  • Display finished pieces proudly until the next masterpiece replaces it.

Following this kid crafting advice will ensure you both enjoy creating together.持 The bonds built over arts and crafts last a lifetime!

Where Crafty Kids Thrive

As you can see, Michaels truly offers an artistic playground for creative kids of all ages. With their huge selection of fun DIY projects across all skill levels, they make it easy to find crafts to excite and inspire your children.

Next time you’re looking for an indoor activity to engage active minds, try one of the hundreds of unique kids craft kits. Let your child’s imagination run wild with hands-on building, designing, and creating. Michaels can spark a passion for crafting that lasts far beyond childhood.

So visit a nearby store or browse the kids craft section online to get started. Unleash your little maker’s potential and watch their creativity bloom! Crafting bonds families, builds confidence and skills, and produces treasured memories every step of the way.

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