Unleash Your Kid’s Creativity with the Top 5 DIY Jewelry Kits

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Do you have a crafty kid who loves making jewelry? DIY jewelry kits are a great way to fuel your child’s creativity and give them an engaging project to work on. Beyond just being fun, making jewelry enhances fine motor skills, problem-solving, design techniques and more.

In this post, we’ll talk about the top 5 DIY jewelry kits on the market and what makes each one unique. We’ll also give tips on how to choose the right jewelry kit for your child’s age and interests. By the end, you’ll feel confident picking a kit your child will love creating unique jewelry with.

Top 5 DIY Jewelry Kits for Kids

Hippy Heart Necklace Kit by Craftily

This jewelry kit lives up to its name, with tons of materials to make hippy-inspired necklaces perfect for wearing or gifting. With the variety of beads, charms and cords, kids can make boho, earthy necklaces in so many creative styles.

What makes this kit stand out is its diversity of natural materials like wood beads, semiprecious gem chips, carved bone charms and more. Kids can combine these elements to make necklaces that reflect their unique personality. The kit includes enough supplies to make 10 different necklaces, with options to make chokers, tassel necklaces and more.

In addition to open-ended creating, the kit provides necklace templates and designs kids can follow. But they’re also encouraged to let their imagination run wild. This makes it perfect for ages 8 and up, since younger kids can use the guides while older ones can tap into their own vision.

Along with quality materials, the kit includes a storage tin to keep everything organized between jewelry-making sessions. The instructions are clear with tips for adults to provide guidance on styling and assembly techniques.

Overall, the Hippy Heart Necklace Kit sparks boho-loving kids’ creativity with beautiful natural elements for truly one-of-a-kind necklaces. The designs they make will be hip and stylish for years to come.

Friendship Bracelets Kit by Busy Hands

Making friendship bracelets is a classic craft that’s still loved by kids today. This kit from Busy Hands makes it easy and fun to DIY your own colorful bracelets to wear, share or give as gifts.

What sets this kit apart is its variety of threads and patterns—15 different colors of high-quality embroidery floss provide endless options for unique designs. The kit includes printed guides with instructions and ideas for 10 different bracelet patterns like zig-zag, diagonal stripes and more intricate ones like the heartbeat weave.

Kids can either follow the patterns or explore their own creations. Since embroidery floss doesn’t tangle easily, even younger kids can practice fundamental weaving and knotting techniques. The finished bracelets are durable and water-resistant so kids can proudly wear them for years.

Everything stores neatly in a compact carrying case with handy compartments, making this an easy kit to take on-the-go. Kids will love diving into this classic jewelry craft and being able to make special bracelets for themselves and all their friends.

Super Stylish Jewelry Kit by Craft Me Crazy

For kids who love following trends and making fashion-forward jewelry, this kit from Craft Me Crazy delivers. It includes on-trend supplies and designs so kids can DIY super stylish necklaces, bracelets, rings and more.

This kit stands out for its diversity of jewelry mediums to work with. Kids can create beaded bracelets and necklaces, charm rings, macrame bracelets with fun tassels, and jewelry using chic ribbon and cords.

With so many options, kids are free to design jewelry that fits their personal style—whether they love boho chic, preppy pieces, artsy statements or trendy touches like smiley faces and unicorns. The kit includes enough material to make up to 15 accessories, providing hours of creative fun.

Easy step-by-step guides let kids easily construct the jewelry without too much adult help. Everything is nicely organized to inspire jewelry-making marathons. For the fashionable kid who’s ready to start their own jewelry line, this kit is a winner.

Jewelry & Gemstones Kit by National Geographic

For a kid fascinated with rocks, gems and jewelry, this kit from National Geographic brings science into the craft. It provides an introduction to gemstones and mineral properties while guiding kids to turn stones into dazzling jewelry creations.

The kit includes 20 genuine gemstones like tiger’s eye, quartz, agate and more. An informative booklet teaches kids how to identify each stone and fun facts about their compositions and origins in the earth.

The real appeal is combining these stones with beads, wire, string and jewelry findings to create one-of-a-kind pieces. Kids can make bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings while learning techniques like wire wrapping, knotting and crimping.

There are example designs to follow but also plenty of room for imagination. The high-quality tools and materials mean no plastic pieces or flimsy cords. When completed, kids have stunning jewelry made with real gemstones they can wear with pride.

This kit sparks a passion for science and creativity. It’s ideal for kids age 8 and older who will appreciate the gemstone lessons and have the dexterity to handle detailed jewelry making.

My Happy Bracelets Kit by Horizon Group USA

This bracelet kit has everything kids need to DIY fun and fashionable bracelets that show off their personality. The materials include brightly colored cords, leather, beads, charms and accessories like tassels and flowers.

Kids can follow the included bracelet patterns or design their own creations. The charm selection really makes the bracelets unique—with emoji faces, animals, musical notes, cupcakes and more. There are enough charms and supplies to make 15 bracelets, so kids can change up their style whenever they feel like it.

The kit is designed for kids 6 and up, since the bracelets are easy to assemble with the step-by-step guide. Younger kids may need some assistance. Overall, the kit sparks creativity and provides hours of entertainment as kids make totally customized bracelets.

How to Choose the Right Jewelry Kit For Your Child

With so many DIY jewelry kits out there, how do you pick the best one for your crafty kid? Here are key things to think about:

  • Consider your child’s age – Look at the recommended age ranges and assess if your child has the dexterity and skill level for that kit. Under age 6 will likely need significant help.
  • Look for variety – More beads, strings, charms etc means more options for unique creations. Variety also holds kids’ interest for longer.
  • Quality over quantity – Make sure the kit includes high-quality materials like real stones and metals so the jewelry is durable, not plastic junk.
  • Cover classic techniques – Look for kits teaching fundamental skills like stringing, knotting, weaving, crimping and wire wrapping.
  • Include storage – Pick kits with ways to organize all the pieces, so they don’t get lost between sessions. Portable cases are great.
  • Follow interests – Does your child love nature, mermaids, outer space? Find theme-based kits that align with their passions.
  • Look for clear instructions – Kids should be able to complete the projects with minimal help. Instructions that teach techniques are best.
  • Provide inspiration – Example designs give jumping-off points for creativity rather than overly prescribing projects.
  • Consider budget – More expensive kits have higher-quality materials but you can find great affordable options too.
  • Read reviews – Check what other real customers have experienced with any kit you’re considering.
  • Safety first – Adult supervision is still required for any DIY jewelry kit, especially with small pieces.

FAQs About Kids’ DIY Jewelry Kits

Do I need any special tools or skills for these kits?

Most kits are designed for beginners and include all required tools like pliers, wire cutters, crimping and beading supplies. Basic skills like stringing beads or tying knots are taught. Adults should still supervise use of tools.

How long do the kits take to complete?

It varies based on project complexity but most kits provide at least 3-5 hours of creating. Some with more materials can stretch to 10 hours or well beyond.

Can boys enjoy DIY jewelry kits too?

Absolutely! Jewelry making is creative and fun for all kids. Look for kits with themes boys might enjoy like science, animals, superheroes. Building jewelry develops spatial and fine motor skills beneficial for any child.

Are the kit materials hypoallergenic and safe?

Reputable brands use child-safe, high-quality materials. Metal pieces are nickel- and lead-free. Some kits specify safety ratings like EN-71 certification. Supervise younger kids and look out for choking hazards with small beads.

Do jewelry kits encourage STEAM skills?

Yes, well-designed kits tap into creative design (arts), spatial reasoning and fine dexterity (science/engineering), measuring and craft techniques (math) etc. Kids are learning as they have fun!

What’s the best age for kids to start using jewelry kits?

Age 6-8 is ideal for starting independent jewelry making. Look for kits marked for ages 3+ for younger kids needing help. Teens can still enjoy advanced materials and techniques in some kits.

Can you buy more materials or “refills” for some kits?

Certain kits let you replenish popular components like bead sets. Check kit details for mention of refills. For disposable kits, you’ll need to purchase another complete kit for more materials.

What kinds of materials are included?

Look for kits using real semi-precious stones, quality metals like copper or stainless steel, durable glass beads and leather/satin cords. Painted wood, enamel and acrylic beads are common too. Avoid cheap plastic that breaks quickly.

Do the kits include instructions for parents/adults?

The best kits provide clear visual instructions with step-by-step guidance, even explaining basics to new crafters. Some offer tips for adults to assist younger kids. Instructions should be easy to understand.

Where can I buy the top recommended jewelry kits?

You can find quality kits in stores like Michael’s, JoAnn Fabrics and Target. Online retailers like Amazon have a wide selection of top kits. Check craft websites like Etsy too. Many kits are very affordable!

Empower Your Child’s Creativity with DIY Jewelry

Jewelry making provides so many developmental benefits beyond just fun crafts. Following instructions trains focus and attention to detail. Making design choices sparks creative problem solving. Manipulating small pieces builds fine motor control. Completing projects boosts confidence.

The best DIY jewelry kits supply everything kids need to explore jewelry making at their own pace. Instead of following rigid instructions, the kits provide example guides while leaving room for imagination to run free. Kids can practice techniques and let their personal vision shine.

So pick a kit that aligns with your child’s age and interests, then watch their creativity come alive! The jewelry they proudly wear or gift will give a sense of achievement. And displaying their creations will remind them of all they learned. When you give your child an engaging outlet for creativity, everybody wins.

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