Unleashing My Inner Artist with Michaels Paint

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Finding the Right Paints to Ignite My Creativity

As an aspiring artist, I have learned that quality paint can make or break a painting. After ruining one too many canvases with cheap acrylics from the craft store, I decided it was time to invest in some real deal art supplies. With a diverse selection of top brands and types of paint, Michaels has become my go-to for stocking my art studio with all the colors I could ever need to bring my visions to life.

The first time I walked into a Michaels store, I was overwhelmed with options. Rows and rows of paint greeted me, from trusted names like Liquitex and Winsor & Newton to Michaels’ own Artist’s Loft brand. I wasn’t sure where to start, but a helpful employee pointed me towards the acrylic section since I share a small apartment and needed paints without strong fumes.

I was thrilled to find a wide assortment of acrylic paints available, with pigments ranging from basic primary colors to iridescents and metallics. The Liquitex Basics line had an affordable starter set with all the essentials I needed to get painting. For bolder hues, I opted for tubes of Winsor & Newton and Golden Fluid Acrylics, whose rich, creamy consistency makes blending a breeze.

Once I had my acrylics, I allowed myself a bit of fun grabbing a few Michaels Artists Loft Metallic Acrylics, like dazzling gold and silver, to add some splashy accents. Their radiant shimmer definitely inspires me to paint more abstract pieces. And to indulge my inner child, I even picked up a set of fluorescent acrylics that glow under black light – I can’t wait for my next 80s-themed painting party!

While acrylics may be my go-to, Michaels offers watercolor artists a wide selection too. I was able to find affordable Cotman Watercolors by Winsor & Newton for when I need premixed pans of vivid primary shades. For more professional-quality pigments, there were sets from the Artist’s Loft Pro Watercolor line with tons of options for staining and glazing techniques.

Beyond acrylic and watercolor, Michaels has an impressive array of oil paints as well. Though oil painting intimidates me as a beginner, brands like Winsor & Newton and Gamblin 1980 offer smaller studio tubes I can play around with on canvas panels before investing in larger quantities. I also plan to check out Michael’s selection of oil painting mediums and varnishes when I give this classic medium a try.

For anyone looking to avoid traditional solvent-based paints, Michaels has eco-friendly options like Genesis Heat Set Oils. This non-toxic product uses heat to set vivid hues blended from pure pigments and eco-oils. No fumes or chemicals here! For budding young painters, Michaels stocks Creativity for Kids Paint, made from soy and other safe ingredients perfect for craft time.

Beyond standard colors, Michaels enables me to get creative with specialty paint effects. Their exclusive Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection has become my new obsession! From bold copper and bronze cream acrylics to dazzling gold and silver, these shimmery shades are perfect for abstract galaxy paintings. For a unique twist, I love bringing my art to life with UV Neon Luminous Paint. Under regular light, these paints look pastel but glow vividly under UV black light. I painted a van Gogh-inspired starry night that knocked everyone’s socks off when I switched off the lights!

For paintings that beg you to touch them, Michaels sells Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint, which adds raised, glossy designs once heated. I can barely walk by my jackets and shoes anymore without wanting to give them a custom, textured makeover. And nothing satisfies my inner Jackson Pollock like Glow in the Dark Paint, which creates splatter paintings that radiate an eerie luminescence in the dark. It’s the perfect Halloween decoration!

Of course, paint is only one aspect of creating art. That’s why I appreciate that Michaels offers a huge range of painting tools and accessories to complete my artistic visions. I can stock up on canvases from miniature to massive, paint brushes and palettes for every medium, and easels for studio work or plein air painting. For anyone interested in minis, Michaels has an entire section just for paint by number kits, with themes from flowers to famous artwork.

When I want a break from freehand painting, Michaels provides pre-printed paint sets that make completing a painting simple, even for beginners. Paint by number canvases and page kits, diamond art, and paint pouring kits take the guesswork out of color while still providing a fun, engaging creative experience. For parents like me, Michaels has paint kits designed just for kids, with non-toxic fingerpaints and chunky brushes sized for little hands.

As I’ve become a regular Michaels paint purchaser, I really appreciate that they make art supplies accessible through their budget-friendly Artist’s Loft brand and frequent coupons offering up to 20% off. Between sales and reviewing the weekly ad, I can usually save a bundle on my paint hauls. The affordable sample sets in the Artist’s Loft acrylic and watercolor lines allow me to try new colors without committing to large tubes or pans.

When I’m not sure about a new product, it’s incredibly helpful to read customer reviews right on the Michaels website. Detailed experiences from fellow artists provide swatches and feedback on how different paints handle and compare to top professional brands. I avoid less pigmented colors and now check reviews on specialized paints like metallics before purchasing to ensure consistent quality.

For bigger projects, I like to order paint online through Michaels.com for in-store pickup. This allows me to easily get bulk supplies like canvases and large acrylic tubes without having to carry a ton of stuff home from the store. Michael’s website makes it simple to see exactly which products are in stock at my local store before placing an order. And if I ever need to return paints, their generous refund window gives me time to ensure the colors work for a piece.

Beyond providing exceptional art supplies, one thing that keeps me coming back to Michaels again and again is their wide range of classes and workshops focused on painting techniques. I’ve taken acrylic painting courses to get the most out of my new paints, learning unique skills like palette knife work and pouring. During kids class times, I can browse the aisles while my daughter happily creates masterpieces with safe, non-toxic paints designed just for budding artists.

With Michaels’ huge selection of professional-grade paints, tools, and guides, I’ve been empowered to finally pursue painting as more than just a casual hobby. Their one-stop shop for all my artistic needs has allowed my talents to flourish. I can’t wait to see what vivid new creations I can bring to life next with my fully-stocked art studio! Whether you’re a pro artist or just looking to dip your toes in painting, Michaels has everything you need to unleash your inner creativity.

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