Unraveling the Magic of Michaels Crochet Kits

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As an avid crocheter, there’s nothing I love more than getting my hooks on a new project. The feel of the yarn gliding through my fingers, watching each stitch come together to create something beautiful – it’s pure bliss! That’s why I always get excited when a trip to Michaels is on the horizon. With entire aisles devoted to crochet, it’s a haven for fiber arts fanatics like me. Today, I want to provide the full scoop on the magnificent selection of crochet kits available at Michaels. Whether you’re a beginner seeking to learn or an experienced crocheter hunting for your next masterpiece, these kits have everything you need to unleash your inner yarn wizard. Let’s dive in!

A World of Possibilities: Types of Crochet Kits at Michaels

The crochet aisle at Michaels is a kaleidoscope of colors and patterns just waiting to become your next project. The variety of crochet kits they offer is downright dazzling. From amigurumi to wearables to home décor, there’s a kit for just about anything you could imagine. Here’s a quick run-down of the categories:

Amigurumi Madness

Amigurumi, those adorable little stuffed creatures, are all the rage right now in the crochet community. Michaels has oodles of amigurumi kits so you can create your own palm-sized pal. Most kits include the yarn, patterns, and stuffing needed to make one project, like a fox, turtle or unicorn. They also have booklets with multiple patterns so you can build up a whole amigurumi menagerie.

Sensational Shawls and Shrugs

Light, lacy shawls and shrugs are a must for any crocheter’s wardrobe. Michaels has an abundance of kits in dreamy pastels and bold saturates to help you stitch up these stylish accessories. Many patterns include beginner-friendly stitches like single crochet so you can wear your handiwork with confidence.

Cozy Blankets and Throws

Few things are more soothing than snuggling up with a hand-crocheted blanket. Michaels’ blanket kits come in so many colors and textures, you’ll want one in every room! Choose from chunky knits, breezy linens, or even scrubby “hanger” blankets. Instructions range from simple stripes to intricate but approachable motifs.

Chic Bags

Tote your craft supplies in style with a trendy crochet bag! Michaels offers kits for cute crossbodies, roomy weekender bags, beachy mesh totes and more. Many patterns incorporate beginner stitches along with new techniques like crocheting in the round. Bonus: the kits typically include purse handles and hardware so your bag looks professionally made.

Dapper Hats and Headbands

Top off your look with a snazzy crochet hat or headband. Michaels stocks kits for beanies, berets, sun hats and turbans in solids, tweeds and bold patterns. Many are made using basic stitches so you can master the skills to design your own hat wardrobe.

Show-Stopping Home Décor

From poufs to pillows to wall hangings, Michaels has inspiring kits to crochet statement pieces for your home. Choose boho macrame wall hangings, rustic cotton pillows, or even a mid-century style rug made entirely from yarn! Follow along with the patterns to enhance your living space with handmade touches.

With so many options, every crocheter can find the perfect kit to spark their creativity at Michaels!

Stitching Success: Beginner-Friendly Features of Michaels Kits

As a new crocheter, I really appreciate how Michaels designs their kits with beginners in mind. Crocheting can seem intimidating at first, but these kits make learning a breeze! Here are some of the beginner-friendly features I’ve discovered:

Detailed Instructions

All Michaels kits include clearly written patterns with step-by-step instructions and photographs. As a visual learner, I find the pictures incredibly helpful for each stitch sequence. The patterns also include handy tutorials for any special techniques required. I’ve learned so many tips and tricks from kit instructions!

Start Simple

Many kits are made using basic stitches like single crochet, half double crochet, and double crochet. Starting with simple projects builds your confidence and skills before moving onto advanced techniques. I also appreciate the little skill-building challenges in beginner patterns, like increasing, decreasing and working in the round.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Since the kits contain all the supplies you need, you can work through them at your own speed. There’s no pressure to finish in a set timeline. As a beginner, I’ve found going slowly and repeating challenging parts helps cement my knowledge. And having everything on-hand means I’m not stuck if I run out of a certain color.

User-Friendly Hooks and Yarn

The hooks and yarn provided are well-suited for novices. The hooks have nice, smooth handles and the yarn isn’t prone to splitting or tangling. Learning with quality materials makes a big difference compared to cheap acrylic and metal hooks!

Clear Stitch Count

The patterns provide a stitch count for each row or round so it’s easy to stay on track. As a newbie, I relied heavily on counting stitches to avoid mistakes. It’s a handy crutch before you can “read” patterns on your own.

With these beginner-boosting features, Michaels crochet kits provide the perfect entry point into fiber arts!

The Complete Crochet Kit Experience

One reason I love Michaels crochet kits so much is that they provide absolutely everything I need for a project in one convenient package. Here’s an overview of what’s typically included:


The kits include just the right amount of yarn specified in the pattern, so you don’t have to guess how many skeins to purchase. The yarn is usually a mid-weight acrylic or cotton blend that’s easy to work for beginners. One exception: bulky blanket kits do contain extra-thick yarn.

Crochet Hook

Most kits include one crochet hook sized for the yarn. I like that I don’t have to hunt for the right hook size. A few kits include a set of hooks so you can adjust if needed.


As mentioned before, the patterns are clearly written and illustrated. Any special skills are taught through step-by-step tutorials. Instructions are laminated or printed on quality cardstock so they don’t get beat up.


For amigurumi patterns, polyester fiberfill stuffing is provided to stuff your critter. No guess work on how much to purchase!


Full-color photos of the finished project help give me motivation and inspiration as I work through a kit. It’s so satisfying seeing your work replicate the images.


Many kits include stitch markers to help keep track of rounds. Some wearable patterns also contain knitting needles for finishing edges.


Depending on the project, you may find other goodies like foam floor cushions, purse handles, or pre-cut fabric.

With everything included for one price, Michaels kits are an amazing value for crafters!

Gentle on the Wallet: Costs of Crochet Kits

Considering the quality and contents provided, Michaels crochet kits are very reasonably priced. Here’s a rundown of typical costs:

  • Amigurumi kits range from $10-$25. Single patterns are cheaper, while booklets run higher.
  • Accessory and wearable kits like hats, headbands, shrugs, and mittens run $10-$20.
  • More advanced wearables like sweaters, cardigans, and dresses are $20-$40.
  • Blankets and throws can be $20 for smaller sizes up to $50+ for oversized blankets.
  • Bags and totes start around $15 and go up to $40+ depending on size.
  • Home décor like baskets, pillows, rugs and wall hangings vary widely but average $20-$50.

There are always coupons and sales if you wait for an even better deal. With free classes and reward perks for frequent shoppers, Michaels makes crochet very budget-friendly!

Project Variety: Category-Specific Kits

Michaels offers excellent variety within each crochet category thanks to their wide range of project-specific kits. Here are some of my favorites:

Amigurumi Animals

Choose from dozens of creature kits like dogs, cats, bunnies, elephants, whales, and more. They also have fantasy options like unicorns, mermaids, and dragons.

Afghan Blankets

Pick the perfect blanket kit from their selection of ripple, corner-to-corner, motif, and striped patterns. Choose from bedspread sizes right up to oversized throws.

Totes and Purses

Tote your essentials around with cute crochet bags! Opt for a roomy shoulder bag, backpack, crossbody purse, wristlet, or beach bag – all in canvas, cotton, or mesh yarn.

Cozy Accessories

Stay cozy year-round with crochet mittens, fingerless gloves, ear warmers, scarves, hats, headbands and more. Choose from solid colors or tweed/variegated yarns.

Boho Décor

Create a bohemian vibe with macramé owl hangings, fringed wall hangings, poufs, dreamcatchers and tapestries in cotton and jute yarn.

Holiday Projects

Michaels stocks quick kits for tree skirts, stockings, ornaments and holiday décor to get your home festive fast.

With so many options, every crocheter can find a kit tailored exactly for the project they want to pursue at Michaels!

Pattern Power: Guides and Instructions

As much as I wish I could just look at a photo and crochet a masterpiece, the patterns and instructions are instrumental to crochet success. Michaels provides wonderfully detailed guides with all kits that teach you each step of the process. Here’s what you can expect:

Written Instructions

Row-by-row or round-by-round written directions are included that cover how many stitches, where to increase/decrease, desired finished measurements and more. Any abbreviations and techniques are clearly explained.

Stitch Diagrams

Line drawings of more complex stitch patterns provide a visual cue along with the written instructions. Arrows and highlighting call out where to insert the hook.

Photo References

Full color photos provide inspiration and helpful references for tricky sections like joining pieces or adding embellishments.


For beginners, tutorials on basic stitches, increasing/decreasing and working in the round bring you up to speed. Advanced techniques like broomstick lace or linked double crochet are taught too.

Tips and Mods

Many patterns include tips on sizing, yarn adjustments, and design modifications so you can customize projects.


Finished garment measurements let you adjust sizing if needed. Some kits include directions for making a project bigger or smaller.

With Michaels’ exceptionally detailed instructions, crocheting success is just a few hooks away!

Fun for All Ages: Kids Crochet Kits

A big perk of shopping at Michaels is that they offer crochet kits tailored specifically for kids and teens. The projects, yarn, and instructions are all designed for younger crafters to learn and create. Here are some of my favorites:

Stuffed Toys

These amigurumi animal kits use thicker yarn that’s easy for little hands to handle. The instructions have bigger text and images to follow.


Choose from simple hats, headbands, scarves, and fingerless gloves for kids to stitch and wear. Many feature kid-friendly stitches like single crochet.


Tween girls will love crocheting trendy bags for school supplies or weekend fun. The kits include instructions for adding handles and lining.

Cozy Home Décor

Make homework time cozier with DIY pillows, blankets, and a rug for their room. Larger hooks and yarn keep projects achievable.

Holiday Projects

Around the holidays, Michaels stocks kits for tree skirts, stockings, and ornaments kids will love gifting.

With so many options, kids can stay happily hooked on crochet thanks to these creative kits!

A Yarn for Every Project: Yarn Selection

Having the right yarn makes all the difference for crochet success. That’s why I appreciate the high-quality selection included in Michaels’ kits. They choose yarn tailored for each project that suits all skill levels. Here are the main options:

Acrylic Yarn

Many kits contain acrylic yarn which has some nice perks for beginners. It’s affordable, readily available, and washes well. The fibers have a subtle sheen and soft feel. My only gripe is that it splits easily.

Cotton Yarn

For household objects like rugs, bags and blankets, cotton is a smart choice. It has good drape and breathability. Cotton is machine washable but shows wear over time. I’ve found it can be rough on hands during long crochet sessions.

Wool and Wool Blends

Some wearable kits include wool or wool-acrylic blends. The natural fibers have nice stitch definition and structure, though they’re pricier and require handwashing. I love the coziness of wool for hats and shawls.

Specialty Yarns

Based on the project, you may find nylon cord for macramé, fuzzy novelty yarn, or extra bulky weight yarn. These give kits interesting textures and variety.

With the right yarn for each pattern, Michaels kits set crafters up for success!

Reviews from the Hooks of Crocheters

While I adore Michaels crochet kits from my own experience, I was curious what fellow fiber artists had to say. Combing reviews, common feedback emerged:

Terrific for Beginners

Most reviewers overwhelmingly praised the kits as ideal starting points to learn crochet. The instructions, hooks, and yarn make beginner techniques approachable. Many became “hooked” on crochet after success with their first kit!

Affordable Convenience

Customers loved the value of having everything needed for one affordable price. Not having to hunt for hooks, patterns, and yarn was a major perk over choosing supplies individually.

Hit-Or-Miss Yarn Quality

Some felt the acrylic yarn was rough and split easily. Others were pleased with the softness and found it easy to work. Check yarn quality yourself when purchasing kits.

Addictive Fun!

Nearly all agreed crocheting with the kits was enjoyable and relaxing. Many got lost in the “zen” of stitching for hours! Kits provide gratification watching pieces come together.

Makes a Meaningful Gift

Those who purchased kits as gifts for others said the recipients absolutely loved them. Handmade crochet items often become treasured keepsakes.

Overall, Michaels crochet kits earn glowing reviews for value, quality, and fun from crafters of all skill levels!

All the Essentials: Crochet Hooks and Notions

While most crochet kits provide a hook and some notions like stitch markers, you may need to supplement with a few additional purchases from Michaels. Here are my recommendations:

Crochet Hooks
Michaels has an excellent selection of ergonomic, smooth-finish crochet hooks for comfort and ease. Opt for aluminum over plastic. Go for a set so you have a range of sizes.

Stitch Markers
Keep track of rounds with split ring markers that you can easily slip into stitches. Grab a multi-pack for color coding projects.

Yarn Needle
Use a large, blunt plastic yarn needle to easily weave in ends without splitting yarn.

Measuring Tape
Measure yourself and work-in-progress pieces to ensure proper sizing with a flexible sewing tape measure.

Dedicate a pair of sharp scissors for cutting yarn only to keep edges crisp and clean.

Supplementing your kits with these essentials will make crocheting even more enjoyable. Visit the notions aisle to stock up!

Seasonal and Themed Project Kits

Beyond the standard year-round kits, Michaels always gets me in the spirit with their irresistible seasonal and holiday releases. Here are some of the themed kits I look forward to:

Summer Lovin’
Catch some rays with a granny square bikini or a breezy halter top. Beach totes and mesh summer scarves are fun too.

Back to School
Get class ready with crochet bookmarks, pouches for supplies, or a varsity style sweater. Show school spirit with team color projects!

Fall for Autumn
Welcome autumn with cozy cowls, fingerless mitts, pumpkin décor, and maple leaf motifs in oranges, reds and golds.

Happy Holidays
Trim your tree with crochet ornaments and stockings. Stitch a holiday heirloom with nativity sets, menorah covers, or snowflake afghans.

Valentine’s Day
Make hearts flutter with Crochet Cupid arrows, sweetheart pillows, or a romantic red and pink scarf.

Patriotic Pride
Show your spirit for Independence Day with Americana-themed projects in red, white and blue.

Let Michaels kits inspire your next festive crochet creation!

Online Convenience for Crafty Coziness

As much as I love leisurely browsing the aisles at Michaels, sometimes life gets too hectic for in-store shopping. For those busy times, I’m thrilled they have their entire crochet kit selection available online. Browsing and buying kits is easy from my phone or laptop when I just need a crafting pick-me-up.

Michaels offers free shipping on orders over $59 or for Michaels Rewards members. Returns are accepted for unused kits if the style or skill level doesn’t suit your needs. Customer service is very responsive for any issues.

Between the website and mobile app, I can order crochet supplies anytime, anywhere my crafty heart desires. It’s the ultimate convenience for yarn lovers like me!

Savings for Yarn Enthusiasts

Let’s face it, our crochet obsession can get pricey. The good news is Michaels offers plenty of discounts to help us budget-minded crafters. Here are some savings tips:

  • Wait for sales. Kits go on sale for 40-50% off or more every few months. Sign up for emails to get alerts on current promotions.
  • Use coupons. Michael’s frequently sends 20-25% off entire purchase coupons. Some exclusions apply so review coupon details.
  • Become a Rewards Member. Earn 10% back in rewards on all purchases as a free Michaels Rewards member. Points add up fast!
  • Download the App. Get exclusive app coupons and notifications on flash sales in addition to your emailed offers.
  • Buy in Bundles. Bulk yarn bundles maximize savings compared to individual skeins. Split with friends.

With a savvy sale-shopping strategy, you can craft crochet masterpieces on a budget thanks to Michaels!

A Never-Ending Yarn Selection

Any seasoned crocheter knows you can never have too much yarn in your stash. Luckily, Michaels keeps their yarn aisles overflowing with options so we always have supplies for our next project. Here are some of the highlights:

Top Brands

In addition to Michaels’ house brand yarns, they carry all the top names us crocheters covet like Lion Brand, Red Heart, and Caron One Pound. The quality and selection is outstanding.

Trendy Textures and Colors

From super chunky to baby fine, Michaels offers almost any yarn weight imaginable. Their color palette options put rainbows to shame. There are also tons of textures like bouclé, eyelash, shadow, metallic, and sparkle yarns to choose.

Natural Fiber Blends

For those of us who love natural fibers, they have lovely yarn blends with wool, silk, alpaca, bamboo, and even sea cell. Blends balance affordability with premium feel.

Bulk Bargains

Their bulk bins offer major savings on acrylic staples and cottons compared to individually priced skeins. Load up here on basic colors you use often in projects.

Clearance Deals

Check the sale bins for closeout deals on novelty yarns, kits, and tools. I never leave without scoping the clearance selections first!

Thanks to such an outstanding selection, Michaels has every type of yarn to satisfy our cravings. Come prepared to explore for hours!

New Season, New Patterns

Michaels keeps crocheters hooked season after season by constantly releasing new kits with trends and techniques. Here’s the scoop on what’s new:

  • Amigurumi expands with more animals, characters, and multi-pattern booklets for endless mix-and-match possibilities. New novelty yarns add interest and texture.
  • Chunky, chenille, bouclé, and marled yarns update accessories and wearables with cozy texture. Oversized sweaters and shawls are on trend.
  • Boho motifs like macramé, tassels and pom poms adorn bags and décor for an earthy vibe. Natural cotton and jute yarn is on the rise.
  • Men’s kits are a growing niche, with modern hats, scarves, sweaters and blankets in masculine aesthetics. Bulky wool is ideal for gentlemen’s garments.
  • Kids/baby kits increase with more wearables, toys and decor for little ones. Soft pastels and whimsical animal motifs abound.
  • Holiday and seasonal motifs change each year. Look for new color schemes, characters, and styling like buffalo check and folk art prints.

The possibilities are endless thanks to the exciting new kits in Michaels’ crochet lineup every season!

Skill Level Progression

As much as I wish I could instantly master advanced techniques, elevating crochet skills takes time and practice. The array of kits at Michaels really allows you to progress at your own pace. Here’s a quick guide:

Beginner: Look for kits with basic stitches like single crochet, half double, and double crochet. Projects should use one piece with minimal shaping. Great practice before moving up!

Advanced Beginner: Try garments worked in joined rounds or motifs seamed together. Patterns incorporate increases, decreases, and some color changes to expand skills.

Intermediate: Tackle garments like sweaters with more intricate shaping, textures like cables or lace, and intricate colorwork. Multi-piece joining and blocking expand knowledge.

Advanced: Choose involved lace or stranded colorwork with challenging stitch counts. Crochet in the round for 3D objects, or make multi-piece garments steeled seamlessly. Be ready to un-stitch and rework sections as you learn.

With this diversity, Michaels empowers crocheters to improve over time through rewarding, skill-appropriate projects.

Make Returns Stress-Free

As every crafter knows, hiccups happen despite our best efforts. Yarn gets discontinued, instructions get misprinted, or that trendy kit just looked better online. Thankfully, Michaels stands behind their products and makes returns hassle-free if you get a dud. Here’s how they handle crochet kit returns:

  • Unused kits can be returned – As long as your kit is unused with all components intact, returns are accepted.
  • Check expiration dates – Returns must happen within 90 days of purchase or other noted expiration date.
  • Original packaging – Kits must have original hang tags and packaging. Make sure your receipt or order info is handy.
  • Refund type – Expect the return amount on your original payment method. Returns under $10 get store credit.
  • Damaged items – Any defective or poor quality kits can be exchanged for a replacement. Point out flaws to staff.

Knowing I have a safety net provides peace of mind for trying new skills. Michaels has my loyalty for taking the stress out of returns!

Learn New Skills with Classes

While crochet kits allow us to teach ourselves new techniques, there’s nothing like learning from a pro. I was thrilled to discover the classes offered at Michaels stores for enhancing my skills. Here’s the workshop lineup:

In-Store Classes

Free 1-hour instructor led classes held right in store are perfect for beginners. Learn how to read patterns, make basic stitches, and start simple projects. Check the schedule for topics like amigurumi and seasonal crochet.

Online Workshops

For longer virtual workshops, Michaels offers live Zoom classes for about $20-$30. Topics like advanced clothing or home décor crochet take 2-3 hours to cover more complex skills.

Events and Crochet Parties

Special event nights like “Crafternoon Crochet” or “Stitch and Sip” provide focused time for completing kits purchased in-store. Enjoy social crocheting with other yarn lovers!

Private Lessons

One-on-one coaching allows for personalized instruction. Great for mastering techniques like lace or tackling a challenging pattern. Rates vary based on class length and intricacy.

With this awesome lineup, I can continue advancing my expertise thanks to Michaels classes tailored to any skill level. Sign up and let the lessons begin!

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Finds

One rising trend I’m excited to see is that Michaels now offers some sustainable and eco-friendly crochet kits and yarns. As crafters, we can make choices that benefit the environment too! Here’s what they have:

Organic Cotton

Look for kit projects like market bags and rag rugs made from earth-friendly organic cotton. The natural dyes and pesticide free farming are a bonus!

Recycled and Upcycled Yarn

Choose yarns spun from recycled materials like plastic bottles or reclaimed fibers. Repurposing waste into yarn is ingenious sustainability.

Natural Animal Fibers

Wool, alpaca, and even sea cell yarns provide biodegradable options compared to synthetic plastics. Support responsible husbandry practices if choosing exotic fibers.

Non-Toxic Dyes

See if kits use non-toxic vegetable based dyes or undyed natural yarns. Avoiding harsh chemical dyes is better for crafters and the environment.

Locally Sourced

Some kits and yarns are made in the USA, reducing the pollution and resources needed for global shipping. Supporting local small businesses rocks too!

With growing selection of earth-minded products, Michaels empowers conscientious crocheters to stitch green.

Best Sellers for Inspiration

Browsing the Michaels top sellers list provides a fun glimpse into what fellow crocheters are loving lately. These hot kits and yarns can offer inspiration for your own projects. Here are some best-sellers I recommend checking out:

Hot Cocoa Amigurumi Kit – Whip up this sweet chocolate crochet treat for the foodie in your life! Fun for beginners.

Red Heart Hygge Chunky Yarn – Ultra-cozy and textured, this yarn makes squishy scarves and blankets in just a few stitches.

Bernat Velvet Yarn – So soft and plush, it’s ideal for plushies and garments. The rich solid color palette is endlessly versatile.

Mermaid Tail Afghan Kit – Make magical waves with this cool corner-to-corner mermaid tail pattern for kids’ rooms.

Lion Brand Mandala Yarn–With gorgeous color transitions, this yarn is every beginner’s obsession lately. Perfect for mindless striping.

Crochet Crowd Amigurumi – Mikey of Crochet Crowd fame designed cute amigurumi in this detailed pattern book. Fun skill-building!

Let the wisdom of fellow yarn wizards guide you to noteworthy patterns and materials!

Restock Your Stash at Michaels

Nothing kills my crochet buzz faster than running out of a key yarn mid-project. Often the dyes have changed just enough that more skeins won’t match. Ugh! That’s why I’m forever grateful that Michaels allows me to restock kit materials and yarn to finish objects. Here are some restocking tips:

  • Bring the yarn label or a swatch. Associates can identity the manufacturer style and colors to match.
  • For kits, note any kits numbers printed on the pattern. Or bring the kit packaging for reference.
  • Know key details like brand, weight, yardage, content, and color name. The more info the better for accurate matching.
  • Ask if unopened kits may have surplus yarn that could be purchased individually if they are out of stock.
  • Inspect new skeins carefully in natural light. Minor variations in dye lots are typical.

With some crafty detective work, the experts at Michaels always manage to reunite me with the perfect yarn supply so I can complete my projects. Their dedication to customers is unmatched!

Satisfying the Craving for Yarn Play

Thanks the incredible selection at Michaels, I never tire of exploring the world of crochet. The availability of quality kits for classic designs alongside trendy new patterns satisfies my craving for yarn play. I can revisit beloved techniques I’ve mastered, while also adding new skills to my growing repertoire. Michaels empowers me to keep growing as a crocheter.

The next time the urge strikes to pick up your hook, I hope you’ll join me in the blissful world of Michaels crochet kits! Let the yarn unwinding begin…

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