Welcome to Cozy Season: Your Guide to the Best Autumn Candles

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The air is getting crisper, the leaves are starting to change, and pumpkin spice everything is back on the shelves. That can only mean one thing – fall is right around the corner!

For many of us, autumn is our favorite time of year. There’s just something about the changing seasons that feels so cozy. As the temperatures drop, we start yearning for that perfect fall ambiance – flickering candles, fuzzy blankets, and the scent of cinnamon and apple pie filling the air.

If you want to make your home as autumnal as possible, scented candles are a must. The right candle can instantly make your space smell like you’ve been baking pies all day or just took a stroll in the woods after a rain shower.

In this post, we’ll go over the top 5 autumn candle scents that will make your place feel like a hygge haven. We’ll also share tips on how to choose the best fall candles for your home and answer some frequently asked questions about making the most of these cozy, seasonal treats.

So grab your favorite chunky knit sweater, pour yourself some hot cider, and let’s dive into the wonderful world of autumn candles!

The 5 Best Candle Scents for Fall

Pumpkin Pie

Kicking off our list is the quintessential scent of fall – Pumpkin Pie. One whiff of this candle will make you feel like you just pulled a fresh pie out of the oven.

Notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, and buttery pie crust create the ultimate autumn aroma. This candle has a very strong throw, so the mouth-watering scent will fill your entire home.

Burn Pumpkin Pie candles in the kitchen when baking up sweet treats or in the living room to set the mood for a cozy night in. This scent is warm, nostalgic, and guaranteed to get you in the fall spirit.

Apple Cider

Nothing says autumn like a steaming mug of fresh apple cider. This candle allows you to enjoy the scent anytime with notes of apple, clove, cinnamon, and orange. It’s sweet but not too sugary.

Apple Cider candles have a mild to medium throw, so they’re ideal for smaller rooms like offices, bedrooms, and reading nooks. The warm aroma is calming and comforting. It’s a great candle to burn to wind down at the end of the day.

Fall Leaves

For an outdoor autumnal scent, choose Fall Leaves. These candles smell just like taking a stroll through the woods after a rainstorm with notes of pine, cedarwood, birch leaves, and musk.

The earthy aroma is soothing and natural. It reminds you of crunching through a pile of leaves on a crisp fall day. This strong scented candle will fill large rooms with its woodsy fragrance.

Cranberry Chutney

Thanksgiving in a candle – that’s what you’ll get with the mouthwatering scent of Cranberry Chutney. Tart cranberry mingles with sweet orange, cloves, cinnamon, and ginger to create a fruity, spicy aroma that’s reminiscent of the holiday table.

Burn this candle while cooking your Thanksgiving feast or displays it as the centerpiece on your holiday tablescape. The delicious scent will get everyone excited for your Turkey Day spread.

Spiced Cider

No fall candle list would be complete without the quintessential Spiced Cider. This candle is all about the aromas of apple cider turned up a notch with mulled cider notes of orange, cinnamon, cloves, and maple syrup.

The sweet, spicy scent is warm and inviting on blustery fall days. Display Spiced Cider candles in entryways or kitchens to greet guests with its irresistible aroma. The orange and spice notes are strong enough to fill large rooms or even the whole first floor of your home.

Tips for Choosing the Best Autumn Candles

Now that you’ve got an overview of the top autumnal scents, let’s go over some tips for selecting the perfect fall candles for your home:

Consider the scent notes – Fall candles come in a variety of aroma profiles from foodie to woodsy. Take stock of the notes you find pleasant and reminiscent of the season to find your perfect match.

Mind the throw – Throw refers to a candle’s fragrance saturation. Bold, strong scents like pumpkin pie and spiced cider have a powerful throw that fills large rooms. Light scents like apple cider are ideal for smaller spaces.

Look for quality ingredients – Well-made candles use natural ingredients like soy, coconut, or beeswax instead of paraffin which can produce more soot. High quality wicks are essential too.

Factor in design – In addition to scent, consider the candle holder style. Classic jars allow you to see the candle wax pool while tin containers like tumblers are durable and portable.

Determine proper wick size – Too small of a wick can mean poor wax pool and scent throw. Oversized wicks cause excess soot, tunneling, and fast burning. Look for proper wick-to-vessel ratio.

Mind safety – Be sure to keep candles on stable, nonflammable surfaces away from drafts, vents, pets, and kids. Never leave burning candles unattended.

FAQs About Fall Candles

If you’re new to using scented candles to create autumn ambiance, you probably have some questions. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about making the most of fall candles:

What wick size should I use in my fall candles?

Use a wick that’s about 1/8 to 1/4 inch wide to create the proper melted wax pool for your candle. The wax pool should be about 1/2 inch deep. Trim wicks to 1/4 inch before each use to reduce excess soot.

How can I make my autumn scented candles last longer?

Don’t burn candles for more than 2-4 hours at a time. Extinguish the flame if the wax pool reaches the edges. Position candles away from drafts so they burn slowly and evenly. Rotate to multiple candles to prolong their life.

How do I get rid of black candle soot on jars?

Soot happens when candles aren’t burned properly. To remove, let the candle wax fully melt, then wipe the interior jar walls with a paper towel. Cotton swabs can help with small spaces. Proper wick trimming is key.

Are fall candles safe to burn all night long?

Never leave any candles burning unattended or while sleeping. Candles should be extinguished before bed. Battery-operated flameless candles are the safest option for burn times beyond 4 hours.

What’s the best way to reuse or get rid of leftover fall candle wax?

You can carefully pour leftover melted wax into metal or silicone molds to make new candles or wax melts. Hardened wax can go in the trash. If pouring down the drain, make sure wax is fully cooled and solid.

Welcome Autumn with Cozy Candles

There’s nothing like the perfect autumnal candle to make the most of cozy fall days and chilly nights. Now that you know the top-rated scents, have tips for choosing quality candles, and got answers to common questions, you’re ready to candle shop!

Build your fall candle line-up and display them around your home for an instant sense of hygge. Don’t forget the fuzzy slippers and mugs of apple cider to complete the autumn ambiance.

What are your favorite fall candles? Share your favorite scents and tips in the comments. And don’t forget to take a deep breath and enjoy the cozy season. Happy autumn!

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